Just as the purpose of the Caucus for a New Political Science is to “make the study of political science relevant to the struggle for a better world,” the declared purpose of our journal - New Political Science - is to “make contributions to critical thinking and progressive politics” and to “develop analyses which reflect a commitment to progressive social change as well as those which are within exploratory phases of development in political science.”
New Political Science is a peer reviewed journal and we welcome submissions from scholars in all disciplines and from all countries so long as they advance the journal's mission.
CALL FOR PAPERS/SPECIAL ISSUE ON THE QUESTION OF TACTICS IN AN AGE OF AUTHORITARIAN NEOLIBERALISM: The December 2019 Special Issue Call for Papers invites submissions that engage the broader question of neoliberal authoritarianism and how it relates to higher education in our contemporary context. We welcome papers that consider this question within, but not limited to, the following areas: capitalism and globalization; the state and political power; class and class conflict; race and ethnicity; gender and sexuality; political ecology andthe environment; social movements and protest politics; ideology and culture; pedagogy, politics and the profession of political science.

Guest Co-Editors: William Sokoloff, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
                                  Email: [email protected]

                                  Nicholas Kiersey, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
                                  Email: [email protected]


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 ​Sarah Surak, Book Reviews Editor
 Salisbury University

Riley Barrett, Managing Editor
University of Sussex

 ​Jocelyn Boryczka, Editor
 Fairfield University